Gancho de acero inoxidable extensible - Carbonarm Extensor mosquetón a anilla ACC/MOSC

Extensor mosquetón a anilla

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Gancho de acero inoxidable recubierto por una funda de plástico. Garantizado contra roturas.


Asegure su carcasa Carbonarm a su jacket con ganchos extensibles e irrompibles.

Acero inoxidable plastificado
Min: 55 cm - Max: 110 cm
40 g

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I have seen the Quick Release from Carbonarm during a underwater photography workshop.It was so easy to release my flash and snoot while diving, that it was a no-brainer for me.Directly bought it and got it 3 days later.Perfect service, great communication and a fantastic, easy to use product.
Thomas Möllerbernd
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