Here below we list the tips for proper maintenance of arms and all the accessories.

Standard maintenance (after each dive)
After each dive rinse all equipment diving in fresh water. If this is not possible maintain the equipment wetted dipping the equipment in salt water or place a wet towel on it. It 'important to avoid that salt water dries on the equipment because it could form salt crystals that may compromise future use.

Extraordinary maintenance (before storing the equipment for short or long time)
Carbonarms: check that the o-ring balls are in good condition. Replace them if necessary.
Clamps: disassemble completely the clip, remove the inner steel spring, clean all metal parts with specific products like "SVITOL” or "WD40”, grease and reassemble them.
Screws: in general, all the accessories including nuts, bolts and screws need to be removed and lubricated with specific products like "SVITOL” or "WD40, greased and re-assembled.

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Your Carbonarm product has a lifetime warranty!

Routine maintenance every year is enough to have maximum safety on its operation and watertightness.
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