Single arm terminal Flex for underwater use – Carbonarm Single Arm Flex Terminal TER/FLEX

Single Arm Flex Terminal

€23.77 Tax Excluded
€23.77 Tax included
Tax Excluded
Single Arm Flex Terminal, Loc line size 1/2. Included are also 2 pairs of o-rings 25 mm and 35 mm of diameter.

The Flex Arms are the ideal solution for lightness and flexibility for your underwater illuminators. However, the Flex Arms are compatible with torches not exceeding 300 g. This is due to the flexibility of the arm that can not maintain the desired position with too heavy weight.

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I have seen the Quick Release from Carbonarm during a underwater photography workshop.It was so easy to release my flash and snoot while diving, that it was a no-brainer for me.Directly bought it and got it 3 days later.Perfect service, great communication and a fantastic, easy to use product.
Thomas Möllerbernd
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